A solution for Wind Power for the Coal Industryd

Braintree,MA United States

Synthesis Gas, or Syngas for short, is a fuel gas mixture made up of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide which is used to make Synthetic Natural Gas or Synthetic Petroleum. Generally, it’s produced by the coal industry as a byproduct of the gasification of coal at very high temperatures. It is also an important industrial resource in the production of ammonia or methanol, and although it has half the energy density of natural gas, it can be used as a fuel for Internal Combination Engines (ICE). Carbon dioxide emissions are an issue for coal industry as The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and international community, in general, are highly concerned about carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this, the coal industry has to pay more attention to greenhouse gas emissions and regulation, and there may be some relief through the use of wind power.

In their most recent publication, Verde LLC is providing a smart solution using their unique electrolysis technology. To know more details, please read here .