2012 Powergen International tradeshow

Oct 17th 2012 Boston, United States

The Verde team had the opportunity to exhibit at the 2012 Powergen International tradeshow and conference in Orlando, Florida last week. The Verde exhibit helped show visitors and other conference attendees the various strengths of the Verde line of gas generation products. Set within the ‘Renewable Energy World’ section of the exhibition hall, the Verde booth described the value of increasing efficiency of renewable and traditional power projects using Verde equipment.

The three day exhibition was a success for all attendees involved, and helped the Verde team meet face to face with international and regional stakeholders in power projects. Building awareness of Verde’s newly developed Hydrogen Electrolyser - ideally suited for use with renewable intermittent electricity - there are several power projects in the United States and abroad which are under consideration for a Verde Electrolyser. Because Verde’s portfolio is multi-dimensional, the team was also able to discuss with many thermal power plant developers about augmenting their current system feedstock with an infusion of hydrogen fuel using our standard hydrogen gas generation technology via steam methane reforming (SMR.) If using a bio-derived feedstock, SMR hydrogen can be a carbon neutral approach to hydrogen generation.

Verde gas generation devices are suitable for energy storage, load stabilization, telecom backup, transportation fuel generation, and producing pure hydrogen fuel for use in power plants and manufacturing facilities. Watch www.verdellc.com and stay in contact about upcoming conventions and tradeshows in 2013 as Verde LLC plans to attend, exhibit, and present on the company’s new products and projects.