Renewable Energy Market

    Renewable Energy Market faces many challenges today, some of which are:

-Lack of infrastructures

-Most places with abundant wind/solar energy resource locate in remote areas, with few grid network (the upper graph). It is estimated $300 Billion would be needed to extend grid to match all potential wind farms in the US

-Intermittency of renewable power

-A big portion (over 20%) of wind power on the grid will risk the stability and safety of the grid network

Market Application:

-Electricity supply to the Grid network, using our system to stabilize power supply.

-In more details, when the power supply is higher than demand, hydrogen will be produced to store the extra electricity; while power supply is lower than demand, hydrogen will be burned in Fuel Cells or Internal Combustion Engines to provide additional electricity

-Micro-Grid Systems for residential area, using our system to produce electricity/hydrogen and heat.

-The time control of producing hydrogen is similar to the Electricity supply to the Grid network

-Industrial production of hydrogen, using our system to eliminate use of fossil fuels.

-Greenhouse effect is more and more serious, while 95% of hydrogen production is relying on fossil fuels like Natural Gas and Coal. Electrolysis process to produce hydrogen is definitely the future for industry producers of hydrogen.