Hydrogen Plant Electrolyser

    In the electrolyzer, the DM water is decomposed into H2 and O2 within the electrolytic cells with DC power. H2 will be evolved on cathode side of cells and go up through the perforations of cathodic side of electrode plates and hydrogen channels, then flow out from the middle plate of cells. Also O2 will be evolved on the anodes of cells and flow out from the middle plates of cells.

    The key equipment of hydrogen generator is the electrolyser, in it, water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolys. The equation is 2H2O==2 H2+O2

The structure of electrolyser is bipolar press type, the cell of electrolyser is divided into anode cell and cathode cell. Electrolyser is full of electrolyte (30% KOH). Hydrogen is generated in cathode side, Cathodic reaction: 4H2O+4e == 2H2+4OH-

    The hydrogen generated in cathodic cell and its electrolyte is sent to hydrogen separator in auxiliary equipment frame, there hydrogen is separated with electrolyte under the action of gravity, then hydrogen passes through hydrogen cooler and is cooled to the temperature of 30~425℃, later hydrogen gas passes through the hydrogen demister to remove water, its pressure is raised to the set value by means of the pneumatic regulation valve. The electrolyte at the bottom of hydrogen separator is pumped out and flows through lye filter and lye cooler, at it last returns to the electrolyser again, the circle of hydrogen side electrolyte finished.