Hydrogen Plant Lye System

    The alkaline solution (electrolyte) combined together from the hydrogen (oxygen) separators returns to the electrolytic cells via the collection pipe and the filter in which the foreign substances will be removed from the solution, then it will be returned to the electrolyzer via lye pump.

Supplementary of the DM water

    The DM water is fed either into the hydrogen washer or oxygen washer for supplementary of DM water in the hydrogen generating system by the feed-water pump. Also the DM water supplementary system can be used to deliver the lye from the lye tank to the O2 separator for supplementary of lye into the system if necessary.

Preparation of lye

    The function of lye is to improve the electrical-conduction performance during water electrolysis. Under normal operation condition, the consumption of lye will be nearly zero. Generally, the supplementary of lye will be needed only one time each year if necessary and the quantity will be a little. For preparation of lye, solid caustic potash is put into the lye tank which is filled with two-third of DM water inside and then the lye pump will be started to agitate and dissolve caustic potash into the DM water.

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