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Nitrogen/Oxygen Generating Plant by Membrane Separation


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In this setup, compressed air is pumped through a compressor filter, along with polymer membrane filters. Due to variable solubility and proliferation factors, different gasses in the air penetrate the membrane at different rates, allowing for their separation. Based on their diffusion rates, the gasses in the air are then placed into one of two categories: “rapid gas” or “slow gas.” After being compacted and purified (to remove oil, water, and dust), the air will be passed through the membrane in order to create a separation of the gasses. The “rapid gasses,” oxygen, carbon dioxide, and some vapors, will be the first to infiltrate the membrane wall, and exit through a discharge port via air pressure. Because nitrogen is characterized as a “slow gas,” it will flow from the gas collector at the end of the pressure box, and finally enter a buffer tank where it will be stored.



Nitrogen Production


Nitrogen Purity


Dew Point

Work Pressure 0-2.0 Mpa