Product Description

Household Micro Grid System




The household micro-grid uses this abundant element to give clients a reliable and sustainable source of power, fuel, and heat for a totally green (zero greenhouse emission) and cost effective lifestyle (self-sufficiency). VERDE hydrogen generator, with model 1-30Nm3/h, can use the intermittent power from wind/solar to generate high purified hydrogen (>99.999%) for directly use (cooking), for power whenever is needed (through the fuel cells) and for FCVs (fuel cell vehicles). When the electricity is being over produced, hydrogen will be generated and stored in the tank for further usage. Also, the heat generated from fuel cell can be used for hot water.

Verde LLC has long standing cooperation with many companies involved in wind turbine/solar panel production, storage systems and renewable energy. Please feel free to contact us for more information about hydrogen solution at +1-781-519-4765 or email us at


H2 Production 1-30 Nm3/h
H2 Dew Point < -60 °C
H2 Purity >99.999%
O2 Content < 5ppm
Hydrogen Pressure 0.1-3.0MPa